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  1. Citation Business Jets. Our elegant fleet of private jets is designed to fit a wide range of mission requirements with uncompromising style, comfort, and reliability
  2. The Cessna Citation Sovereign is designed to provide superior overall performance while surrounding its passengers in exceptional comfort. It has excellent short-field performance and nearly coast-to-coast range, making it a go-to for all types of travel
  3. The Cessna Citation Sovereign (Cessna Model 680 Sovereign) is an American mid-size business jet developed by Cessna. It is currently the second largest member of the Citation product line in terms of take-off weight, with only the Citation X having roughly 6000 lbs greater take-off weight
  4. g, and economical. The strongest feature of the Sovereign is its range; it has coast-to-coast capabilities, like large jets, but still retains the features that make midsize private jets so advantageous
  5. Cessna Citation Sovereign for Sale The mid-size, PW306C-powered Cessna Citation Sovereign is a transcontinental aircraft with maximum range of 2,842nm. Sitting between the Citation XLS+ and X on the product-line, FADEC controls and a Honeywell glass cockpit are built into the Sovereign, which can take off and land on impressively short runways

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  1. The Citation Sovereign has a maximum range (not including headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 3276 miles and a maximum speed of 512 mph. Common names and abbreviations: CE-680, Citation Sovereign, Sovereign, CE680
  2. How much does it cost to buy a Cessna Citation Sovereign 680? Prices range between $3,995,000 and $6,195,000 with 17 currently advertised for sale
  3. So Cessna Citation Sovereign, an impressive mid-size business jet, stands out by its performance, it can range nearly 3,300 statute miles (5,272 km) nonstop, it can take off from runways as short.
  4. Jet Advisors provides stats on the Cessna Citation Sovereign performance & other midsize cabin private jets. Need to buy a private jet? We'll help you save money
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  6. Buy 2009 CESSNA CITATION SOVEREIGN, 2008 CESSNA CITATION SOVEREIGN, FMS Performance data base, Honeywell Epic phase 5.2 Software, Extended-Range oxygen system.
  7. The Cessna Citation Sovereign has a maximum range (not including headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 3,376 miles and a maximum speed of 514 mph. Common names and abbreviations: CE-680, Citation Sovereign, Cessna Citation Sovereign, CE-680

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Cessna Citation Sovereign. Range, comfort, style with ease of use, the Cessna Citation Sovereign. The Citation Sovereign is Cessna's version of what a business jet should be: comfortable, high-performing, and economical Use our aircraft range tool to see how far you can travel in each of our models Cessna Citation Sovereign With coast-to-coast range, the Cessna Citation Sovereign dramatically redefines what a midsize jet can do. The Cessna Citation Sovereign offers a large-jet luxury experience in a midsize jet design The Cessna Citation Sovereign has earned a reputation for rock-solid reliability, plus it has the largest cabin of any midsize jet of its vintage. Near Transcontinental Range and other. Pilot Report: Cessna Citation Sovereign (From the September 2003 issue of BCA) The largest Citation yet built offers good range and light jet airport performance. By Fred George. For almost three decades, the midsize jet has been one of the most hotly contested segments of the business aircraft market

Range: 5.5+ hours Speed: 528 mph. View Super Comparison. Part of the Super-mid jet class, the Citation Sovereign is a version of what a business jet should be: comfortable, high-performing, and economical. The strongest feature of the Sovereign is its range; it has coast-to -coast capabilities iT deliverS more range, wiThin your range. Citation business jets share a well-earned reputation for practical high-performance. The midsize Citation Sovereign takes that reputation farther than ever before. Only the Sovereign combines true transcontinental range and the most spacious cabin in its class with acquisition and operating cost Aircraft Comparative Analysis - Cessna Citation Sovereign. In this month's Aircraft Comparative Analysis- we'll provide information on a selection of 2005 pre-owned business jets in the $3.5-6.8 million range for the purpose of valuing the pre-owned Cessna Citation Sovereign

Range-enhancing winglets combined with powerful engines allow the Cessna ® Citation Sovereign®+ to land on smaller runways and at airports surrounded by obstacles. This reduces travel time and grant A twin engine mid-size business jet capable of flying 3,000nm, the Sovereign+ is an upgrade to the original Citation Sovereign that began customer deliveries in 2004, and will look to build on the success of the originals 340+ sales Pilot Report: Cessna's New Citation Sovereign. by Matt the new winglets and more efficient engines add 150 nm to range, which increases to 3,000 nm. The Sovereign for now is Cessna's. Citation Sovereign Jet Charter The available baggage space is the largest of comparable private jets and includes a closet large enough to hold full-sized garment bags. Citation Sovereign Charter Airplanes The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a spacious and comfortable medium range Business jet, perfect for flights beyond the International borders Citation Sovereign With coast-to-coast range, 460 kts speed, and superior short field takeoff and landing capability, arrive at your destination faster than any jet in its class. The Citation Sovereign delivers unmatched comfort and entertainment, featuring fully adjustable seating, a stand-up cabin, passenger adjustable temperature and.

Cessna Citation Sovereign jets offered by the ICC JET Company are mostly in demand with large organizations that are looking for a practical aircraft for long-range corporate travel. The standard layout of the cabin in the Cessna Citation Sovereign business jet is designed to carry eight to twelve people and two crew members The sovereign is a better at short field preforming aircraft than the much faster Citation X and the cabin feels bigger. The Citation Sovereign has been replaced by the Citation Sovereign + which has an upgraded Wing and winglets (Sometimes called Swooplets because they are so big) and newer avionics and an increased range

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  1. Citation Sovereign Challenger Series; Non-Stop coast to coast range. No need to stop and refuel—arrive at your destination faster and in more comfort than any other jet in its class Stand Up Cabin. Get up, move around and strech your legs—arrive to your destination refreshed and relaxed Short field takeoff and landing performanc
  2. Citation Sovereign Combining efficiency, luxury and range makes the Sovereign the obvious choice when planning a longer excursion for a small- to medium-sized group. Able to travel coast-to-coast, the Sovereign has capabilities of a larger jet, but still maintains the advantages of a midsize aircraft
  3. Leading Private Jet Charter. The Cessna Citation Sovereign is an elite corporate jet charter. This premium business jet is a super-midsize jet with coast-to-coast range, impressive speed, outstanding short-field performance and the largest double-club cabin available in its class
  4. Citation Sovereign. The Citation Sovereign is one of the most capable Citation Jets of all time. With great passenger and baggage capacity this capable super mid jet boasts excellent range and short field performance
  5. Home / Aircraft For Sale / Uncategorized / 2006 Citation Sovereign 680-0084 2006 Citation Sovereign 680-0084 2006 Citation Sovereign - 2,945 TT, 2,945/2,945 SOH !!!FRESH HOTS!! 0/0 SHOTS, Honeywell EPIC, EPIC Phase 5.2 software, ADS-B(out), Dual HF, Extended Range Oxygen, FMS Performance Database, plus more!!
  6. Citation Sovereign Jet Aircraft Citation Sovereign Super Mid - History and Highlights. Contact Charter Flight Group to charter a private jet to and from domestic and international destinations on the high-performance Citation Sovereign which has a coast-to-coast range
  7. The 3,200 nmi (5,900 km) range Citation Sovereign (Model 680) was announced at the 1998 NBAA convention, it made its maiden flight in February 2002, certification was awarded on June 2, 2004, and deliveries began in late September

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Citation Sovereign With coast-to-coast range, impressive speed, outstanding short-field performance and the largest double-club cabin available in its class, it dramatically redefines what a midsize jet can do The Citation Sovereign offers a compromise of range, speed and runway performance within the mid-sized jet category. Its cabin is described by many of PrivateFly's members as a stretched version of the Excel

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Cessna is developing the new Citation Sovereign mid size corporate jet to meet what it sees as a large replacement market for ageing business aircraft such as the Falcon 10, Westwind and Sabreliner Cessna Citation Sovereign pilot training is available at FlightSafety Learning Centers in Columbus, Ohio; London Farnborough, United Kingdom; and Orlando, Florida. Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ training is available in Wichita, Kansas. We offer a full range of maintenance training at our Wichita Maintenance Learning Center The Cessna Citation Sovereign is in a class all its own. This midsize beauty can leap and be airborne from runways in just under 4,000 feet and has the ability to cross the United States non-stop

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The Citation Sovereign features a spacious, private full bathroom, an impressive coast to coast range, and a highly advance avionics package. Key Features of the Citation Sovereign. The Citation Sovereign is usually configured to hold eight to twelve passengers, offering comfortable 180 degree swivel seats Cessna Citation Sovereign Plus detailed features, specifications, operating costs and price. Cessna Citation Sovereign+ Price Specifications Range Operating cost Aircraft Compare .co The Citation Sovereign has extensive coast-to-coast range, impressive speed and the largest cabin of any aircraft in its class. Passengers enjoy plenty of legroom and headroom in its spacious interior The range of the Citation Sovereign is 2,829 nm operating under NBAA IFR 4 passengers with available fuel. Interior The cabin volume for the Citation Sovereign is 571 cubic feet The new Cessna Citation Latitude midsize jet raises the bar. We Fly: Cessna Citation Latitude. the Latitude is certificated under an amendment to the Sovereign Model 680 type certificate.

5719 TT, 6054 Cycles, 2190/719 SMOH, 4 tube Chelton EFIS, ADS-B, Freon Air, Lead Acid Battery TR's EROS Oxygen Masks We Fly: Cessna Citation X+. The plus is for speed, sophistication, range and style. That need is of course for speed, but with comfort, range, sophistication and more thrown in to sweeten. Citation Sovereign. Seating: 9; Max Range: 3000 miles; Max Speed: 525 mph; Planemasters has been a leading charter flight operator for more than 30 years. Under. The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a corporate intercontinental aircraft capable of carrying up to 12 passengers and two pilots at speeds of up to 848km/h at a service ceiling of up to 14,326m; typically the aircraft is fitted out for nine passengers and for two-pilot operation only The Cessna Citation Sovereign+ has a maximum range (not including headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 3,452 miles and a maximum speed of 514 mph. Common names and abbreviations: CE-680A, Citation Sovereign+, Cessna Citation Sovereign+, CE-680+

Citation Sovereign 680+ The Citation Sovereign+ is a super midsize jet of luxurious comfort. With its class-leading short takeoff capability, and it's enhanced interior technologies, this aircraft suits your personal and professional charter needs The Citation Sovereign offers versatility and comfort second to none. With coast-to-coast range, impressive speed, outstanding short-field performance, the Sovereign is the ideal choice for long domestic flights and is also capable of accommodating international travel Citation Sovereign Information. The Cessna Citation Sovereign and its newer version the Sovereign+ were design to fit the needs of the aviation market of the last decade. This is why they have become very popular, especially for flights to airports equipped with shorter runways Citation Sovereign+ for sale -, The Market Place for Serious Buyers and Sellers of Aircraft around the Globe. We use cookies to help you get the best experience when using our website. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to our Cookie Policy Cessna Qualifies Citation Sovereign For L.A. To Honolulu Operations. Engineers Prove 1,022 NM Engine-Out Range In 180 Minute Time Frame

Citation Sovereign While it is slower and has less range than the sporty Citation X, the Sovereign features exceptional runway performance. This makes it a versatile performer in the super-midsize class Weights (lb) Citation Sovereign, CE-680; Max Ramp: 30,550: Max Takeoff: 30,300: Max Landing: 27,100: Zero Fuel: 20,300c: BOW: 18,150: Max Payload: 2,650: Useful Load.

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Citation Sovereign. The Cessna Citation Sovereign is not only comfortable, high-performing and economical, but its strongest feature is its range. This long range business jet has coast to coast capabilities just like larger jets but has the advantages featured in Mid-Sized jets The Sovereign has nowhere near the cabin volume, wide floors or headroom of a true super-midsize such as a Gulfstream G200 or a Falcon 2000, but then it costs millions less, too. The Sovereign has the same 66-inch tube width at the shoulders as the smaller Citation XLS and the faster and longer Mach 0.92 Citation X Improving on greatness is what we do best. With upgraded avionics, an all new interior, enhanced technology, and better performance, the Cessna Citation Sovereign answers the call of today's business leaders and what they want in a corporate jet The Transitional winglet provides significant performance improvements for the Citation Sovereign, including increased speed at higher altitudes, improved take-off performance, reduced time-to-climb, and increased range and payload.

Annual & Hourly Cost Detail Cessna Citation Sovereign Min Crew / Max Passengers 2 / 9 Seats Full Range (NM / SM) 2554.50 / 2939.67 Normal Cruise Speed (KTS / MPH) 447.53 / 515.01 Average Pre-Owned Price 8,528,000.00 PAYMENT SCHEDULE Interest Rate 0.00% Payment Period Monthly Term of Loan 120.00 Loan 0.00 Monthly Lease 0.00 Payment Per Period 0.0 Ferry Range is the maximum IFR range of the aircraft traveling at Long Range Cruise speed with all passenger seats empty. Both ranges use the NBAA IFR alternate fuel reserve calculation for a 200 nautical mile alternate With a range of over 3,300 miles, the Citation Sovereign can fly with ease from coast to coast at 446 mph and requires only a short takeoff distance. With the advantages of a large jet, the Cessna Citation Sovereign offers more than other midsize jets in its class

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Cessna developed the Sovereign to sit midway between the Excel and the Citation X in both range and price tag. The Sovereign is most economical for charter flights between 4 - 6 hours with 8 passengers The Citation Sovereign is the largest of the mid size Citation range for charter. The full-length stand-up aisle stretches 25 feet in the spacious cabin that makes it the largest of the mid-size business jets The Citation Sovereign is at the top of its class in size. The spacious cabin measures seven feet by over twenty-eight feet long making it the perfect aircraft for transcontinental travel Citation Sovereign is a corporate jet charter that seats 10. Super mid-size business jet is considered a transcontinental aircraft. Request a Quote today

Citation Sovereign and Sovereign+ training is available in Wichita, Kansas. We offer a full range of maintenance training at our Wichita (Cessna) Maintenance Learning Center The second-largest Citation jet by weight, the Cessna Citation Sovereign (Model 680) offers true transcontinental range and comfort for as many as 12 passengers, as well as a wing designed to operate from short runways when necessary

Citation Sovereign Performance. The Citation Sovereign is one of the highest performing jets on the marketplace. It does this by narrowing the gap between engineers and pilots by allowing pilots say in the design process. The final product was a jet that has over 3'000nm range and an accompanying speed over 450knots The Citation Sovereign is powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW306C engines each offering 5,770 pounds of thrust. The Citation Sovereign uses 269 gallons per hour (GPH). The range of the Citation Sovereign is 2,829 nm operating under NBAA IFR 4 passengers with available fuel. Interior. The cabin volume for the Citation Sovereign is 620 cubic feet Charter a private executive Citation Sovereign aircraft and enjoy its range of 2,664 NM and cruising speed of 511MPH. Presidential Aviation's charter team global reach will make available a Citation Sovereign to you anywhere in the world for business or pleasure

It's mid-range specs make the Latitude a capable contender for transcontinental or cross Europe flights, but it's in the cabin where the aircraft really shines. And, as any aircraft broker will tell you, it's cabins that sell aircraft. The Citation Latitude is positioned between the Citation XLS+ and Sovereign executive jets The Citation Sovereign's baggage compartment can only be accessed externally. The big cabin is the most important feature of the Challenger 300. With its flat floor and stand-up headroom, the [Challenger] 300 cabin rivals the space available in the very long-range business jets.. Looking for a midsize business jet? Check out this Citation Sovereign+ ! A stretched version of the Citation Excel - the Sovereign+ is classy, comfortable and capable Citation. Bryan Comstock of.

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Range: 5+ hours Speed: 535-604 mph. View Super Comparison. The Cessna Citation X defines the supermid-size category. With a top speed of Mach 0.92 (600 miles an hour), the Citation X is the one of the fastest commercial aircraft available on the market Falcon 2000 Citation Sovereign Seats Full Ferry Range - (Pilot(s) only, no pax) Seats Full Ferry Range - (Pilot(s) only, no pax) Landing Distance - FAR 121 - One.

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Cessna Citation Sovereign, Business Jet available for charter On board the Cessna Citation Sovereign, a mid-range business jet, you can travel over transcontinental distances, connecting to Odessa from Bordeaux or taking off from Paris le Bourget for Krasnodar by direct flight with no stopovers Citation Sovereign Aircraft For Sale. Two US Owners Since New Nine Passenger Interior Airshow 400 Aircell AST-3500 Satcom Extended Range Oxygen New Paint and Interior 01/1

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The Citation Sovereign+ (Plus) Private Airplane revised, gently swept wing design with wing-lets allows the Sovereign Plus to climb directly to 45,000 feet and cruise for up to 3,000 miles. Citation Sovereign+ Jet Charter The Citation Sovereign+ (Plus) Private Plane is a good choice if you're accommodating eight or nine passengers Citation Sovereign. Cessna's Citation Sovereign is a super-midsize jet that is capable of traveling up to 3,000 miles. With the ability to seat up to 9 passengers, many different trips such possible such as New York to Miami, Houston to Las Vegas, or San Diego to Seattle

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from the 500 through the 750, even the Citation 680 Sovereign and the Citation 510 Mustang. Collaboration with Duncan Aviation designers provides exciting design alternatives, and allows you to tailor your scheme to your aircraft. For each paint project, our teams complete a detailed paint debrief that outlines all the detail Cessna Citation Sovereign further details: For detailed specifications and photos of ALL On Market Cessna Citation Sovereign, please complete the form below. Your info will never be sold or used for any other purpose A high-performance, mid-size business jet, the Cessna Citation Sovereign is ideal for transcontinental travel. Boasting the largest external baggage compartment in its class, the Sovereign has a fully stand-up cabin and lots of room to accommodate up to nine passengers citation sovereign Able to seat 12 passengers, a cruising speed of up to 530 mph and a maximum range of 4,200 nautical miles, London to New York being only 3,000 as an example. With ample storage space and luxurious interior, this is an excellent choice for mid-sized groups of travellers not needing the range of the larger jets but still. The Citation Sovereign, Cessna Grand Caravan EX and the Cessna TTx are on display at the company's exhibit this week at Latin America's largest aviation convention. The new nine-passenger Citation Sovereign has a range of 5,556 km (3,000 nm) and can fly non-stop from Rio de Janeiro to Panama City

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Find great deals on eBay for citation sovereign. Shop with confidence. Please provide a valid price range $ - $ Buying Format. 2014 Cessna Citation M2. The Excel was a hybrid design, featuring the wide cabin of the Citation X, shortened down -- the result resembling a Citation III fuselage -- mating it to the unswept supercritical wing, based on that of the Citation V Ultra, and the tail from the Citation V With coast-to-coast range and efficiency, the Citation X can effectively serve both your regional and transcontinental needs. Like every aircraft in the XOJET Aviation private fleet, all of the Citation X jets are 100% Wi-Fi equipped With its short runway performance and long range we can take you anywhere from: Kerikeri to Queenstown Taupo - Nelson Napier - Adelaide. A high-performance, mid-size business jet, the Cessna Citation Sovereign is ideal for transcontinental travel Jet Aircraft Cost Comparison, Jet Market, Compare Aircraft, Direct Operating Costs, Fuel Burn, Range, Cabin Size, Price Market Update Aircraft For Sale Sell Your Aircraft Compare Aircraft Contact Compare Jet

Category: Super-Midsize: Max Passenger Capacity: 9: Interior Dimensions: H 5' 8, W 5' 6, L 25' 3 Baggage Capacity: 100 CU FT: Max Range: 2620 NM: Max Cruise Spee Citation Sovereign The Sovereign can seat up to 8 passengers in comfortable double club seating. The full size, stand up cabin of the Sovereign has plenty of room offering hot and cold catering and flight attendant service Citation Sovereign+ For Sale Aircraft For Sale Used 650 Citation Sovereign private planes for sale. AeroClassifieds aviation global market place for Cessna to buy Sovereign